How Pregnancy Affects Oral Health

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How Pregnancy Affects Oral Health

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How Pregnancy Affects Oral Health


How Pregnancy Affects Oral Health

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How Pregnancy Affects Oral Health


Most women don’t suffer from any dental discomfort all throughout the nine months of their pregnancy. However, there are women whose oral health condition deteriorates when they are pregnant. Their pregnancy may make their oral conditions worse or it may create new ones.

As such, it is highly recommended that pregnant women ensure proper oral hygiene to keep themselves healthy and their baby as well. Pregnant women may be required to go to regular check-ups. Through these Dental Care Services in Bayside, New York, there are dental conditions that can be prevented.

Tooth Decay
You are at a higher risk of getting cavities during pregnancy. There are lots of reasons for this. As we all know, a pregnant woman’s appetite is greater than normal. If a pregnant woman prefers eating foods with lots of carbohydrates, the risk of getting cavities increases. Another reason is when the pregnant woman experiences morning sickness. The concentration of acid in the mouth is higher during this period. When there’s an increase in the level of acid inside one’s mouth, the enamel (outer covering of the teeth) will be eaten away.
To prevent tooth decay, you should make sure to brush your teeth twice and floss it at least once a day. Even if you are feeling uncomfortable due to morning sickness, exhaustion, gag reflex, or tender gums, you have to keep good dental habits. Doing so can also help you prevent gestational diabetes, premature delivery, and intrauterine growth restriction.

Pregnancy Gingivitis
Hormonal changes during pregnancy can impact your dental health. One of the common effects of that is the development of pregnancy gingivitis. This oral condition is characterized by the inflammation of the gums. You will suffer from tenderness and swelling when you have pregnancy gingivitis. Bleeding while flossing and brushing is unavoidable as well.Frequent visits to the nearest Family Dentistry in New York and dental cleanings can help prevent pregnancy gingivitis.

Pregnancy Tumors
When overgrowths of tissues appear on your gums during pregnancy, then you are suffering from pregnancy tumors. This is oftentimes experienced when a pregnant woman is well within her second trimester.

Don’t worry, though. Pregnancy tumors aren’t cancerous.
Pregnancy tumors are most of the times characterized by swelling in between the teeth. Bleeding easily is inevitable when you have pregnancy tumors. These tumors will usually disappear once you give birth to your baby.

Your pregnancy is already a sensitive and nerve-wrecking experience, yet still a rewarding experience. To ensure that you get through pregnancy without problems or even if it is just simple Cosmetic Dentistry concerns, you can talk our dentists. Alla Hart, DDS, PC has compassionate dental professionals you can trust. Just give us a call at 718-225-6677 for an appointment.

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