The Importance of Oral Care for Expecting Mommies

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The Importance of Oral Care for Expecting Mommies

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The Importance of Oral Care for Expecting Mommies


The Importance of Oral Care for Expecting Mommies

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The Importance of Oral Care for Expecting Mommies


A perfect set of teeth is an asset. It gives so much beauty in a smile. Many people spend hundreds of dollars just to make sure that they can maintain clean and healthy teeth. Caring for your teeth means giving attention to your gums. Healthy gums carry healthy teeth. As we age, so does our gums, that’s the reason why our elderlies lose their teeth. This is normal, it is part of the wear and tear process of the body. But have you observed pregnant women losing their teeth? This may be due to hygiene or this could be due to something else. Let us break it down further!

Pregnancy and Oral Care

During pregnancy, women encounter health troubles due to the effects of hormonal changes. While they have to protect their baby, women also have to focus on their needs. Pregnancy increases the risk of gum health problems which may lead to harmful effects on the developing baby. There are simple tips that can be done to maintain good oral health during and after pregnancy.

  • Have your teeth checked regularly by the dentist especially before deciding on having a baby. This guarantees that oral care concerns had been addressed prior to pregnancy.
  • During routine dental care advise your dentist if you are pregnant. Also, inform your obstetrician if there’s a need to see the dentist.
  • Tell your dentist if you are taking any prescribed medications and vitamins. There are instances that dentists may need to adjust the oral medication that they are using in case it may interact with the one that you are taking.
  • If there’s a need for dental x-rays, keep your abdomen and thyroid protected.
  • Note for signs of pregnancy gingivitis and periodontal diseases.
  • Ask for toothpaste recommendations from your dentist if the one that you regularly use worsens morning sickness.

Postpartum and Oral Care

After pregnancy, the body and the hormones return to its normal state. This is the time where mothers buffer their diet with all the necessary nutrients and minerals to avoid shock. Postpartum is a mix of excitement and exhaustion, a new set of things to do, new responsibilities. Despite the business, women shouldn’t forget to visit their dentists. After all, calcium is very important in keeping a strong set of teeth so there might be some form of supplementation necessary to keep your calcium levels normal. It’s one of the minerals in our body that is affected during pregnancy. Avoid losing your teeth, have a dentist check it after giving birth!

Alla Hart, DDS, PC and Oral Care

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