Porcelain Bridges

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Porcelain Bridges

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Porcelain Bridges


Porcelain Bridges

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Porcelain Bridges

Porcelain Bridges in New York

If you’ve lost a tooth but aren’t able to get a dental implant or your health history prevents getting an implant, a bridge may be the treatment for you!

Another way to replace lost teeth is to create a bridge consisting of one or multiple crowns spanning the gap between remaining teeth. This semi-permanent fixture is typically made of porcelain and fits over existing teeth. Bridges can solve the same problems as implants and is an alternative option for patients, depending on their particular needs and circumstances.

A few appointments with Dental Care Services in Bayside, New York are typically required for adjustments and fittings, with a final appointment to have the bridge cemented permanently. With proper care, a bridge can last for years.



First Appointment

Both teeth on each side of the missing tooth will be numbed appropriately and will be prepared for crowns. An impression will be taken of the teeth and a temporary bridge will be fabricated and polished. Your next appointment will be in two weeks.

Second appointment

The final bridge will be tried in and assessed for function, comfort and aesthetic approval. A permanent resin cement will be applied to the bridge and placed over the teeth. Any excess cement will carefully be removed and you will be instructed on how to properly take care of your bridge.