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Implants in New York

You are missing a tooth! It’s time we discuss dental implants!

In some situations, it is impossible to save a tooth. However, an implant is the best and most advanced replacement.

What to Expect from our Dental Care Services in Bayside, New York

Multiple Visits — Case Dependent

After administering local anesthesia, the implant will be carefully inserted into the bone. The gums will be sewn above the implant site and you will be left to heal for about three months. At the three month mark, a test will be done on the implant to ensure a fusing of the implant to the bone. At this stage, a small contoured healing cap will be attached to the implant to connect the implant to surface of the gums and help shape the gums and receive the final crown.

Our doctors will unscrew the healing cap and screw in an impression coping, which is specifically made for your implant. An x-ray and putty impression will be taken to ensure proper fit. Photos will be taken of the teeth for the dental ceramist to create a life-like implant crown that no one will detect. The healing cap will be replaced and your next visit will be in two weeks for the final insertion of your crown.

The final visit will be just as easy as the previous one. The healing cap will be removed, a disinfecting solution will be applied to the implant to rid any bacteria and a custom abutment will be tried along with the implant crown. An x-rays will be taken to ensure a quality fit.

Implant crowns can be made in two ways; there are those that are screw retained, and those that are cement retained. We will choose the best fit for your case.

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