Porcelain and Ceramic Crowns

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Porcelain and Ceramic Crowns

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Porcelain and Ceramic Crowns


Porcelain and Ceramic Crowns

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Porcelain and Ceramic Crowns

Porcelain and Ceramic Crowns in Bayside, New York

Crowns are for patients with a large cavity filling or a discolored tooth. Ceramic and porcelain crowns are Alla Hart, DDS, PC’s leading choice in restoring damaged teeth.


An E-Max crown is made from a single block of lithium disilicate ceramic: this is a top grade material which has been harvested for its toughness, durability and opaque qualities which makes it a highly prized crown. Plus it is considered a breakthrough in dental crown technology. E-Max crowns are the most highly recommended crowns by Alla Hart, DDS, PC!


Advances in the strength and appearance of porcelain crowns have made them the leading choice in restoring damaged teeth to their former splendor. A tooth that has been damaged by a root canal, grinding, decay or fracture is likely to break from the stress of daily use. A doctor recommended porcelain crown strengthens your tooth by providing 360 degrees of coverage.

What do Ceramic (E-Max) and Porcelain Crown do?

Crowns are full-coverage restorations that are used to cover a tooth that is likely to break or is too damaged to be corrected with a traditional filling. When you receive a crown, you will notice it effectively improves your tooth condition by:

  • Helping strengthen a heavily-restored tooth to prevent future fracture
  • Restoring loss of tooth structure from heavy grinding
  • Improving tooth aesthetics
  • Relieving pain from any damage


2 appointments

First Appointment
At your first appointment at Alla Hart, DDS, PC, we will administer local anesthesia for the tooth being treated. Your dentist will then prepare the tooth conservatively to create room for the porcelain crown. After careful assessment of the shape and contour, an impression of the affected tooth will be taken. This putty will allow the lab ceramist to create and calibrate either and E-Max or a porcelain crown that looks and feels like your natural tooth.

A temporary crown is created, polished and cemented. During the next two weeks, you’ll want to avoid sticky foods near the treated tooth, so the temporary crown stays put. If the temporary crown dislodges, try to replace it as fast as possible or come into our office for recementation.

Second Appointment
During your second visit, the temporary crown will be removed and the final porcelain or E-Max crown will be tried in and examined for perfection. We will take a dental X-ray to ensure quality fit and aesthetic approval. An adhesive is then applied to the tooth and a cement will be placed onto the interior of the porcelain or E-Max crown. Any excess cement will be removed. You’ll be provided with all the necessary instruction to take proper care of your new crown!

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