Dental Care Before, During, and After Pregnancy

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Dental Care Before, During, and After Pregnancy

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Dental Care Before, During, and After Pregnancy


Dental Care Before, During, and After Pregnancy

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Dental Care Before, During, and After Pregnancy


One of the highlights of being a woman is getting pregnant. In this sensitive phase of their life, extra care should be given both for the mom and the unborn child. One aspect that should be given attention to is the mom’s dental care. Pregnancy can affect the woman’s calcium production and will have a major impact on their teeth, especially if these are not well cared for.

As a leading provider of Dental Care Services in Bayside, New York, we would like to share some important dental care reminders in a woman’s pregnancy days. We hope these reminders can give you a better perspective on caring for your teeth as you enjoy this wonderful phase of your life.

Before Pregnancy

If you’re still on the planning stage of getting pregnant, an appointment in a clinic providing Family Dentistry in New York should be part of your regular activity. By regular, we mean at least every 6 months. Our dentists can administer cleaning and checking procedures to ensure that your teeth don’t accumulate the plaques that can lead to cavities and decay. Furthermore, dental problems before pregnancy can be easily treated and medicated since there will be no precaution of the effects on the child.

During Pregnancy

When you do get pregnant already, remember to implement these care reminders:

  • Always inform your Dentist in Bayside, New York that you’re already pregnant. Most of the basic dental procedures such as removing tartars can still be implemented. However, if you have any major dental procedure that you’re uncertain of proceeding to, ask your obstetrician first if a trip to the dentist would be alright. You’ll be safe if you follow your doctor’s precautions, both from the obstetrician and the dentist.
  • If you’re taking medications or supplements, inform your dentist about this detail as well. Let them know about the name of the medicine and the dosage instructions. If your obstetrician also has other advice for you, tell your dentist about this information, too. With this information, your dentist might need to make changes in the dental treatment that you ought to undergo if any.
  • Regular dental checkups should still be a part of your activities. In fact, it’s at this time that your dentist should be able to check your gums for any dental issue that could arise. Pregnancy can result in hormonal changes, which can have detrimental effects on your dental health. Whenever you notice bleeding or swelling of your gums in the course of the pregnancy, consult your dentist about this immediately.

After Pregnancy

When you’ve already given birth, and you encounter any gum issue, meet with your dentist immediately. Having your mouth examined as soon as possible can help preserve your overall health as well as the baby.

At Alla Hart, DDS, PC, you can trust us to help you achieve the quality care and attention that your teeth deserve. If you also have concerns about Cosmetic Dentistry, feel free to inquire.

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